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The easiest and
cleanest solution
for everyone.

100% Natural

Material of natural origin, obtained from vegetable fibers

100% Recyclable

Renewable material, fully recyclable

100% Cellulose

Natural cellulose fibers, processed into a cotton-like texture

100% Biodegradable

Rapid natural decomposition without negative effects on the environment

100% Compostable

Conversion to compost without leaving any residue

100% Flushable

Disposable in the toilet in accordance with the UNE standard

Made in Europe

100% designed and manufactured in Europe

100% Food handling

Material suitable for contact with food, 0% release of pollutants

0% Chemicals

Free of any chemical pollutants

0% Plastic

Free of all plastics


Hygienic mask for single use


Guarantees economical and at the same time environmentally friendly, socially compatible forest management


Certification for sustainable managed forests

Dermatologically tested

Skin compatibility tested


High absorbency up to 950%


Size can be individually adjusted to the face


Without pressing elastic bands, breathing comfortably and naturally, differential pressure 52%, prevents lack of oxygen and the feeling of suffocation

The anatomical mask IGE001

With pre-cut openings on both sides and a shape that perfectly matches the wearer’s face.

The standard mask IGE002

With pre-cut openings on both sides and a rectangular shape, for individual adjustment of the carrier.

Without your company logo

Con pictogramas

With pictograms


Sin pictogramas (blanca)

Without pictograms (white)

With your company logo

Con pictogramas y logo

With pictograms and logo


Con pictogramas (blanca) y con logo

Without pictograms with logo (white)

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Instructions for use

The anatomical mask IGE001

The standard mask IGE002

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